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So you think you want to buy a franchise but you’re not sure. Why spend a premium on a big brand name when you can just duplicate their success! There are a few good reasons why copying doesn’t work in the best of economic times let alone a GFC. I can’t stress enough about the importance of choosing to invest in a franchise as opposed to a new startup.


Major benefit a franchise offers a franchisee is a strategic brand identity that has developed over time creating a cumulative market impact. An independent business couldn’t afford to spend millions of dollars that some franchisors have expended to create market penetration the likes of McDonalds and Subway. Some franchisors have been established decades creating easy recognition in the market place.


This can be one of the largest expenses for any new business. For advertising to be effective it has to be repeated regularly and therefore becomes expensive. Even if you have a prime location, if customers don’t recognise your product they won’t come in and buy. Franchise fees offer national advertising campaigns that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

Name Recognition

Customers today want guarantees that support the name and product. Brand recognition gives them that assurance. Shoppers that may have experienced a product at another centre know what to expect and can become repeat customers in your store.

Buying Power

Franchisors that operate on a national footprint have the ability to negotiate excellent supply agreements with wholesalers that contribute to a higher gross profit margin for the franchisee. That allows the franchisee to be able to pay staff wages and other expenses leaving a profit for the franchisee.

Systems and Procedures

Franchisors generally have well developed systems and procedures that have been produced over many years. This is a benefit when applying for finance to assist with the purchase of the business as the banks understand staff training and lease negotiations would be well taken care of, which frees up the franchisee to run the business and getting money through the cash register!

We understand the issues and challenges of selling your business and know how to manage them.

“Let us sell your business while you run the business”

What can the seller do to help sell their business?

  • Keep normal working hours

  • Make sure your financial records are an accurate reflection of revenue and business expenses

  • Conduct the business as usual. Do not let stock levels dip below normal

  • Keep the business clean and in good repair

  • Remove equipment or furniture that is not part of the sale

  • Provide us with required information in a timely manner


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